Control of quad LED illuminations

FlashBox Quad

  • The FlashBox Quad is a universal LED current controller with 4 channels
  • Independent triggers for each channel
  • Independent current setting per channel
  • Ramp-up and ramp-down modes
  • Self-sufficient operation

The IMAGO Technologies FlashBox Quad is a current source for LED lighting units optimized for machine vision applications. The configuration of the quad-channel device is accomplished through an USB interface. The smart voltage and current regulation can measure and set up the lighting parameters in an easy way. A fine adjustment of the parameters is used to find the best lighting performance. With various trigger modes and its flexible timing adjustment, the Industrial Flash LED controller FlashBox Quad is the perfect LED lighting control to solve most machine vision applications.

Independent triggers for each channel

In many machine vision applications, more than just a single lighting unit is used to optimally illuminate the test objects. Very often, the cameras and lighting must be triggered at exactly the right time in order to precisely control all the components involved. With the industrial strobe controller FlashBox Quad, users can set up to four lighting channels independently of one another. In this way, the required processes, the suitable brightness and the required light duration can be implemented in a simple manner. Implementing shape-from-shading setups is also possible with the FlashBox Quad. Systems of this type use several lights in a precisely defined sequence in order to enable objects to be recorded from different perspectives.

Independent current setting per channel

The lighting controller FlashBox Quad is perfectly suited for the reliable limitation of the maximum currents in continuous or flash operation as well as for the exact control of the LED lighting used. The current control is completely independent for all the four channels. This enables the use of different lighting modules when needed.

Ramp-up and ramp-down modes

In some cases, illumination units are very bright and need to be switched on gradually in order to protect the human eye and remain conform with respective safety norms. FlashBox Quad uses integrated Ramp-up/-down modes to meet the relevant safety standards.

Self-sufficient operation

The FlashBox Quad retains parameters that have been set, even if there is no power supply to the controller. This enables self-sufficient operation, which saves a lot of time for a new set-up, especially in the event of power failures or an unintentional switching off of the power supply.

Easy configuration via USB via GUI or CL interface

The FlashBox Quad can be configured easily using any computer with a USB or Command Line interface. An intuitive graphical user interface ensures an effective setup.

Compact design

Due to its compact design, the FlashBox Quad can also be used in tight installation spaces and thus enables powerful control of the used lighting in almost every application.

Lighting is key to perfect image, which in turn is the most important step to success in any machine vision application. The following examples for the use of the FlashBox Quad show only a small selection of the possible applications in all areas of industry.

Food & Beverage

During the production of food and beverages, the products and their packaging often have to be checked from several sides in order to guarantee that they are free from defects and thus guarantee high quality. In beverage filling plants, for example, a 360 ° inspection of the bottles is usually carried out, which can only be achieved using several cameras and lighting units. The exact coordination of the lighting depending on the settings of the cameras and the transport devices is a typical task for the FlashBox Quad.

Further sample applications


Reliable track & trace processes such as reading codes or Braille on drug packaging and counting objects when filling drugs are important processes often used in the pharmaceutical industry. Machine vision systems equipped with the FlashBox Quad for controlling the integrated illumination are a powerful tool to accomplish tasks like these safely, thus minimizing the risks for patients.

Further sample applications

Packaging & Logistics

Without codes of various kinds, the complex processes in the packaging and logistics industry could not be economically implemented. The FlashBox Quad opens up flexible possibilities for users and developers to create effective solutions for the diverse requirements of this industry. With the various trigger modes and the flexible timing adjustment options of the FlashBox Quad, it is possible to solve most machine vision applications in this industry.

Further sample applications

Print inspection

High-performance machine vision systems are required to ensure reliable quality testing of print products, even at the sometimes very high production speeds in the printing industry. With its high flexibility and the extremely precise setting options for time processes, the FlashBox Quad fulfills the most important requirements for developing economical solutions in the printing industry.

Further sample applications


The recycling of materials places high demands on the machine vision systems used. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the test objects partly consist of completely different materials and that their shapes can differ considerably from one another. Flexible machine vision systems in combination with the FlashBox Quad for controlling the lighting used enable reliable systems for sorting the recycled objects.

Further sample applications

The many years of practical experience from the IMAGO Technologies machine vision experts have been incorporated into the development of the FlashBox Quad. Mechanical engineering companies as well as manufacturers of inspection or production machines of all kinds benefit from the flexibility and performance of this universal LED lighting controller, which, due to its long-term availability, is particularly suitable for use in systems and plants that are replicated again and again over a longer period of time and in higher quantities.

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