Control of quad LED illuminations

FlashBox Quad

  • Current driven control of up to 4 LED illuminations

Ethernet Configuration | Various Programmable Trigger Modes | Temperature Sensor

The IMAGO Technologies FlashBox Quad is a current source for LED lighting units optimized for machine vision applications. The configuration of the quad-channel device is accomplished through an Ethernet interface. The intelligent voltage and current regulation can measure and set up the lighting parameters in an easy way. A fine adjustment of the parameters is used to find the maximum lighting performance. With the various trigger modes and its flexible timing adjustment, it is possible to solve most machine vision applications.

  • Two separate current- or voltage-controlled LED outputs
  • Two opto-isolated trigger inputs
  • Various programmable trigger modes:
  • Software trigger
  • External trigger
  • Level-controlled trigger
  • Intelligent controller with automatic current and voltage calculation
  • Ethernet configuration / PC configuration tool / C programming API
  • Non-volatile RAM for startup trigger parameters
  • Temperature sensor

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