Fast Delivery

The Vision Box DAYTONA and Vision Box Le MANS are available now.

Looking for Vision Boxes with short delivery times?

The shortage of semiconductors is having a serious impact on industrial companies worldwide. This also has consequences for the deliverability of image processing components. Let IMAGO help you. 

Vision Box DAYTONA and LE MANS are available now

On-site production
Due to on-site production in Friedberg, many of the standard series units are available from stock.

Expert Tip
With its smart embedded industrial cameras, IMAGO offers integrated systems consisting of processor, camera, sensor, lens, lighting and software. In other words, users do not have to rely on the ability of numerous suppliers to deliver, everything comes from one trusted source.

Other advantages of IMAGO’s Vision Boxes:

Vision Box DAYTONA:
• Embedded Box-PC supporting Nvidia Tegra TX2
• Suitable for Deep Learning inference and other applications requiring a GPU accelerator
• Supports vision relevant interfaces
• Linux OS
• Compact, low power consumption, long-term availability

Vision Box LE MANS 
• Passively cooled ARM-based industrial PC
• 8 ARM Cortex A72 cores with about 30W power consumption
• Compact, long-term availability