High-Speed Code Reader

Fast Code Reader

  • Reading and evaluation of characters, numbers, letters, codes, logos and graphics
  • Reliability at high-speed
  • Integrated line scan camera optimized for the needs of today’s printing technology
  • Simple configuration

Nowadays, almost all packaging has markings printed on it: from the best-before date (BBD) to serial, batch, and product numbers. They serve the complete traceability and quality assurance of all products. A reliable and fast character recognition system such as IMAGO’s FastCodeReader is needed to view and check the markings.

Reliability at high-speed
With the powerful industrial QR Code Reader Fast Code Reader, you can achieve maximum reading rates and maximum reliability even at high process speeds of up to 800m/min.

Suitable for multiple tasks – individually adaptable to your needs
For example, the Scan Code Reader reads (OCR) texts and evaluates the quality of printed numbers, letters, and characters (OCV) of any font. The Bar Code Reader also reads 1D codes (barcodes) and 2D codes (Datamatrix, QR) or even recognizes logos and graphics. With just one image, you can check plain text, codes, and graphics for presence, legibility, and correctness.

With integrated line scan camera for narrow and long images
The embedded line scan camera Fast Code Reader is optimized for the needs of today’s printing technology. Long and single-line code lines on packaging, foils, and parcels are easily handled by the integrated smart camera with a line sensor (image size e.g. 300 pixels x 5,000 pixels).

Hardware optionally adaptable
IMAGO develops the power combination of lighting and optics together with the in-house smart camera Vision Cam, which can be individually adapted to your system from an MOQ of 50 units. Industrial Ethernet supports easy integration into the machine.

Simple configuration with ViewIT
Most smart cameras and sensors already include user software that allows image display and camera configuration. The Fast Code Reader can be put into operation, but for special applications and image processing tasks, the software must first be developed. This takes a lot of time and development effort. ViewIT offers a faster solution.

ViewIT is a framework that allows image processing applications to be developed quickly and cost-effectively – without having to write a single line of code outside of image processing itself. A graphical user interface with intuitive functionality and easy-to-configure software modules allow any automation engineer to access machine vision.

Food & Beverage
For example, control of the best before date and readability of the barcode or serialization as well as track and trace of individual serial numbers.
Further sample applications

For example, permanent scanning of labels and reading of codes, letters, or verification of logos.
Further sample applications

Packaging & Logistics
For example, checking the address information on a packet.
Further sample applications

For example, reading of codes on e.g. sheet-fed printing, newspapers, banknotes, letters. Analysis of digital prints.
Further sample applications

Industrial printer
Integration into e.g. ink print heads for immediate verification of the print.
Further sample applications

Developers of series machines and devices in which compact components are optimally integrated and the application software is specialized for the machine or device.

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