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IMAGO Website with a new Look

IMAGO Website with a new Look

Friedberg, 26th February 2021

Imago Website in a new look 

Brighter design, more intuitive: IMAGO’s website has been given a facelift. On the redesigned website, the embedded machine vision specialist provides information about its extensive product portfolio as well as current developments in the field of industrial image processing. 

The redesigned website focuses on the company’s intelligent cameras, machine vision computers, deep learning hardware, software and turnkey solutions for industrial users. The hardware manufacturer now ena-bles immediate engagement with the products through freely available technical documentation. Although IMAGO hardware and software can basically be used in any industry, the “Fields of Application” section provides information on possible industries and applications in which the image processing components can be used. The fact that the website can now also be read much better on mobile devices is a matter of course in 2021.

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