How ViewIT drastically reduces development time for your own vision apps

Thursday, November 04 – 11:00 AM CET • approx. 60 minutes • Register now 

What you can expect

Nowadays, the development of visual inspection or automation systems often starts with a long learning process. Software engineers have to learn how to use libraries, SDKs and APIs provided by hardware manufacturers and therefore spend a lot of time solving problems that are not directly related to their main task, instead of focusing on the actual image processing part of the application they want to develop.

ViewIT makes it especially easy for users to get started or change to image processing. The framework has been developed for the operation of any programmable IMAGO hardware.

The tool offers a GUI, image acquisition functions, communication interfaces including OPC/UA and image processing from a single source. Users no longer need any programming skills outside of image processing to develop their own apps. If you want to know how ViewIT works or want to learn more about techniques for controlling your IMAGO hardware via ViewIT, you have come to the right place. Take the opportunity to accelerate your productivity in development.

What you’ll learn

• Learn how to commission your IMAGO hardware with ViewIT
• See how to develop your own apps using ViewIT
• View a Live demo of ViewIT

ViewIT Webinar

Hosted by

Alkhazur Manakov

Head of R&D
Guido Schluckebier developer

Guido Schluckebier


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