Vision Box-PC with flexible interfaces

Vision Box AGE-X4 extended

  • Vision Box-PC for series systems, with only PCI-Express slots, with qualified PCIe cards inside and deep learning GPU accelerator

The Vision Box AGE-X4 has been invented for those customers who want to purchase an individually configured and 100% tested vision & automation computer. Therefore, IMAGO offers a configuration composed of IMAGO’s Real-Time Communication Controller (RTCC) peripherals for 8 GigE cameras with Trigger-and-Power-over-Ethernet, digital I/Os and a high-power GPU board. A change to other qualified 3rd-party PCIe boards is possible as OEM request. IMAGO provides the outbound test and organizes the long-term delivery of the series. As an option, we provide timing reports, which show the behavior of e.g., trigger, grabbing of images, and I/O.

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