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IMAGO launches Industrial Dash Cam

IMAGO launches Industrial Dash Cam

Friedberg, 18th November 2020


The Industrial DashCam provides a video sequence when errors and deviations occur in industrial processes, which can be used to document and analyze what led to the incident. 

No more machine downtime due to uncertainty about what happened. With the Industrial DashCam from IMAGO Technologies GmbH, machines and technical equipment can now be permanently and automatically monitored. High-resolution videos at the time of the event – analyzed offline, avoid production downtimes and costly downtimes. 

Whether machine or process monitoring: The smart camera in the form factor of a matchbox can be integrated into small devices or in inaccessible places where space is limited. This simplifies the error analysis of industrial processes.


The camera records up to 20-second video sequences, stores them and encodes them in a standard video format in the camera. The videos can be copied from there and played back on any computer. Many video players can also display slow motion, allowing scenes to be analyzed in detail and slowly. Thanks to a ring buffer in the camera, only data from the relevant period before, during or after a specific trigger input is captured. There is no flood of data that needs to be analyzed in a time-consuming manner.


The smart camera can be used in the beverage and food industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, but also in mechanical engineering companies as well as in the packaging and logistics industry. Instead of an annual inspection, it can provide constant inspection of the machines. The IndustrialDashCam not only helps with condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Let’s look at a process such as the end-of-line test, for example. Here the small camera can prove that the unit has left the factory in working order by storing a video scene of the correct functionality.

“The camera is already being tested by several industrial customers and has been received with enthusiasm,” says Carsten Strampe, Managing Director of IMAGO.

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