Industrial Camera

Industrial DashCam 1 000

  • The Industrial DashCam 1 000 captures machine behavior in real time.
  • All functionalities of the Industrial DashCam with higher frame rates
  • Records high-resolution videos at up to 1 000 fps
  • Suitable for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, machine setup and remote analysis

The Industrial DashCam 1 000 is a powerful standalone system that can be easily integrated into existing environments. It provides real-time video footage of your industrial processes, so you can troubleshoot problems quickly and easily. The industrial camera features a ring buffer, so it can continuously record footage. It also has various trigger modes, so you can also record video only when certain events occur. The Industrial DashCam 1 000 is designed for in-service diagnostics and remote analysis, and it helps to improve the reliability and availability of systems.

Easy recording – easy error analysis
The video recording can be started manually or by a trigger input. The industrial video camera captures color images and stores them up to 20 seconds in a standard video format on the integrated SD card. The videos can be copied from the camera via Gigabit Ethernet and played back on any computer. Many video players can also display slow-motion indicators, allowing you to analyze scenes in detail. The Dash Camera compresses the images according to the H.264 standard and delivers them in MPEG4 format.

High-speed recording without data flood
The data is only recorded from the relevant period before, during, or after a certain trigger input, depending on the application. The High-Speed camera delivers a full HD recording with 416 frames per second. At lower resolutions, it can even record up to 1133 frames per second.

Compact industrial camera
The event camera has the form factor of a digital camera, making it easy to integrate into machines at critical points.

Simple configuration with Web-browser based GUI
The Ethernet interface can be connected to a PC to configure all parameters via a web browser. Once the configuration is complete, the Industrial Dash Cam is ready to record its first video scene. The results can also be easily copied using the file explorer.

Food & Beverage
A food manufacturer can use the industrial high-speed camera to monitor the operation of a bottling machine in-service. The Industrial DashCam 1 000 is able to capture images of the bottles as they are filled and capped. This allows manufacturers to identify any potential problems with the machine, such as leaks or misaligned components.
Further sample applications

Pharmaceutical manufacturers use the machine monitoring camera to monitor production machines in real time and collect data over time, which can be used to identify trends and patterns. This helps prevent machine downtime at an early stage.
Further sample applications

Observing machine setup with industrial high-speed cameras can be a valuable tool for machine manufacturers. It can help to improve the quality of the setup as problems can be identified and corrected quickly.
Further sample applications

Installed in printing presses, the industrial camera delivers videos to remote locations. Technicians can use the images to solve problems with the printing press in any corner of the world. This helps to reduce the need for on-site technicians, which can save money.
Further sample applications

Machine developers, plant operators, and service technicians use the Industrial DashCam 1 000 to monitor machine conditions and detect the causes of faults. 

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