Deep Learning

Traditional rule-based image processing is very useful for a range of inspection tasks involving uniform parts in a controlled environment. However, when it comes to, for example, solving hard-to-program image processing applications with rule-based algorithms, handling cluttered backgrounds and variations in the appearance of inspection parts, and training existing applications with new image data, Deep Learning provides a groundbreaking alternative. IMAGO’s box PCs and intelligent cameras become powerful inference computers and cameras with a wide range of applications when a neural network is applied. I.e., they can apply their “knowledge” acquired through Deep Learning to new data. Neural networks are executed directly on the devices in a hardware-accelerated manner. This enables inference times of a few milliseconds.

However, IMAGO’s models are not only intelligent, but also consistently suitable for industrial use: With features such as C-mount, robust housing, GigE network connection with RJ45 GigE connector, RS-232 interface and REST web interface, customers receive fully-fledged industrial cameras and computers that prove themselves even in demanding environmental conditions.

Vision Cam AI.go

Industrial AI camera

Vision Cam AI

Smart Camera with Deep Learning Accelerator

Vision Box AI

Embedded GPGPU Platform

Vision Box DAYTONA

Box-PC Nvidia Jetson

Vision Box AGE-X4 compact

Compact Vision Box-PC with flexible interfaces