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18th August 2022

Robust AI image processing reaches new performance heights with new embedded GPGPU platform

Robust AI image processing reaches new performance heights with new embedded GPGPU platform

IMAGO Technologies is expanding its Deep Learning product offering to include Vision Box AI, an ultra-high performance GPGPU vision system for AI and other applications requiring GPU computational power. 

11th November 2021

Deep Learning to go: IMAGO Technologies and Oròbix announce cooperation

Deep Learning to go: IMAGO Technologies and Oròbix announce cooperation

Just press the button and the camera is smart. Automation engineers have been dreaming of this for decades. Now, with the smart deep learning camera Vision Cam AI.go, a dream comes true.

15th July 2021

The world's smallest freely programmable line scan camera

The world’s smallest freely programmable line scan camera

The Vision Sensor LM from IMAGO Technologies combines line scan technology with the advantages of a freely programmable mini smart camera. The form factor of a matchbox houses a complete line scan camera system.

3rd May 2021

Vision Cam AI: Smart Deep Learning Camera

Vision Cam AI: Smart Deep Learning Camera

If Deep Learning models are to be used in the industry, they require appropriate hardware with interfaces suitable for industry. Above all, embedded solutions are needed that can be adapted quickly and without great effort to the task at hand.

26th February 2021

IMAGO Website with a new Look

IMAGO Website with a new Look

Brighter design, more intuitive: IMAGO’s website has been given a facelift. On the redesigned website, the embedded machine vision specialist provides information about its extensive product portfolio as well as current developments in the field of industrial image processing. 

18th November 2020

IMAGO Launches Industrial Dash Cam

IMAGO Launches Industrial Dash Cam

No more machine downtime due to uncertainty about what happened. With the IndustrialDashCam from IMAGO Technologies GmbH, machines and technical equipment can now be permanently and automatically monitored. High-resolution videos at the time of the event – analyzed offline, avoid production downtimes and costly downtimes. 

14th September 2020

IMAGO framework drastically shortens development times for your own vision apps

IMAGO framework drastically shortens development times for your own vision apps

At the exhibition all about automation in Essen, IMAGO has presented the ViewIT framework, which makes it particularly easy for users to get started or change over to image processing. The industrial camera manufacturer complements its hardware portfolio with a tool that offers GUI, image acquisition functions, communication interfaces including OPC/UA and image processing from a single source. Users no longer need any programming knowledge outside of image processing itself to develop their own apps. 

2nd June 2020

Character recognition at high-speed

FastCodeReader with integrated line scan camera

Time is a crucial factor in the traceability and quality assurance of products and labels in real-time. At the same time, the demands on the character recognition systems used are increasing: they should be able to read (OCR) text, numbers, code, or even better, logos and graphics and verify them (OCV). And preferably all at the same time.

25th May 2020

IMAGO Introduces Vision System with 5GBase-T Connection

Interface for fastest camera generation

5GBase-T is the keyword for increasing the speed of GigE cameras. With 2 5GBase-T connections, the VisionBox AGE-X5 image processing computer from IMAGO Technologies GmbH offers the freedom to use higher resolution or faster cameras.

12th November 2019

Imago Technologies wins inspect award 2020

with Linux-based smart camera using an event-based sensor

Imago Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers for embedded vision components wins the inspect award and was awarded the silver prize in the category Vision. The award is presented annually by the publisher Wiley-VCH and recognizes the most forward-looking products in the field of machine vision.

14th March 2023

Detect Anomalies Smartly

AI-based Smart Cameras

With the flexible, Deep Learning-based image processing system Vision Cam AI.go, IMAGO Technologies enables self-learning processes even for vision devices. Scalable computers and application-optimized AI mathematics are available for more demanding tasks.

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01. April 2022

KI-gestützte ­Sortierung und ­Inspektion für jedermann

KI-gestützte ­Sortierung und ­Inspektion für jedermann

Die industrielle KI Smartkamera Vision Cam AI.go von IMAGO ermöglicht Herstellern und Ver­arbeitern von Lebensmitteln einen einfachen Einstieg in Deep Learning. 

25th February 2021

Troubleshooting in Slow Motion

Condition Monitoring via Industrial DashCam

With the Industrial DashCam, Imago Technologies has developed a new solution for the observation of industrial processes and thus enables effective condition monitoring to optimize processes in a wide range of industrial applications.

29th January 2021

Only showing the changes in the scene

Event based vision: data is only recorded when an event occurs

Event-Based Vision is a completely new and cost-effective approach to monitoring fast-moving processes that is fundamentally different from conventional image processing concepts.

14th March 2022

Counting application with Event-based vision

Event camera counts gel capsules at high-speed 

Event-based image sensors record changes in a scene instead of capturing test objects frame by frame. This means that algorithms can track objects even at very high speeds.