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Vision Cam AI.go

  • Vision Cam AI.go is a highly flexible complete embedded deep-learning based machine vision system, developed for end-users
  • Ready-to-use solution 
  • No machine vision skills required
  • High flexibility
  • Compact and robust device

If tasks in industrial machine vision can easily be formalized, traditional systems are usually the right choice. However, they often reach their limits when the defects are hard to formalize. On top of that, the implementation of such systems requires an image-processing specialist. Machine vision systems based on deep learning technologies often offer a better solution. Vision Cam AI.go from IMAGO Technologies is a very flexible complete embedded deep learning based machine vision system. Vision Cam AI.go was mainly developed for end-users with little or no experience in the fields of programming or machine vision. The high flexibility of the deep learning camera Vision Cam AI.go allows the use of the system in numerous industrial areas of application in order to ensure a reliable check of quality features.

The industrial AI camera Vision Cam AI.go has all the properties required for the simple and fast implementation of machine vision solutions based on deep learning. The device is designed to classify objects into two to five classes. Without any programming effort and supported by an intuitive web GUI, users can teach the inference camera Vision Cam AI.go by simply uploading a few images for each class. After that, Vision Cam AI.go learns new images. Within a few minutes, the system is ready for use as a fully functionable inspection system.

Using the smart industrial AI camera Vision Cam AI.go requires no experience in the fields of programming or machine vision. One reason the system is so easy to use is that it was developed together with Oròbix , an IMAGO sister company that specializes in deep learning.

High flexibility
The smart camera with deep learning software is extremely flexible and enables a reliable classification of objects of all kinds. The size of the objects, their shape or color have no influence on the performance of the system. This means that Vision Cam AI.go can be used for quality testing of almost any kind of object in a wide variety of application areas.

Compact, robust and powerful
With dimensions of only 50 x 50 x 40.1 mm (W × D × H, without tube), the AI vision camera Vision Cam AI.go is even suitable for applications in which very little space is available for the machine vision component. Despite this compact size, the embedded system impresses with sufficient performance. The sensor is available in color or monochrome, with a 5 MP resolution (2560 × 1936 pixels). When operating in partial scan mode, the image acquisition speed can be increased even further. 1 Gigbit Ethernet interface and GPIOs allow the integration of Vision Cam AI.go in any machine.

As the machine vision ai camera Vision Cam AI.go is a highly flexible, complete embedded deep learning based machine vision system, Vision Cam AI.go can be used in many industrial application areas to inspect objects and detect defects. It is particularly suitable for applications in which traditional machine vision comes to its limit. Here are some examples of typical use cases for the machine learning camera:

Food & Beverage
Products in the food & beverage industry often have natural variations. In the case of fruit, vegetables, biscuits, pizza and many other goods, one object is usually not exactly the same as the other, which is a particular challenge for machine vision systems in quality inspection. It is therefore often impossible to comprehensively describe the good and bad features of the products. The AI industrial camera Vision Cam AI.go solves such tasks quickly and easily thanks to its deep learning-based technology. Further sample applications

Inspecting phials in the pharmaceutical industry can be a demanding task for traditional machine vision systems, as these can be slightly deformed depending on the material. The examination of other pharmaceutical products with flexible shapes can also be safely implemented with the industrial AI smart camera.
Further sample applications

The variety of materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and features in production is extremely diverse. As soon as goods have to be checked that can always be slightly different from one another, the deep learning approach of Vision Cam AI.go is a more suitable option than traditional, rule-based machine vision systems. The simple teaching of sample images also allows an extremely economical and quick changeover to other products, if necessary.
Further sample applications

When inspecting solder joints, machine vision systems are faced with the problem that there is no clear picture of a perfect connection. For this reason, tasks of this kind are very difficult to solve for rule-based machine vision systems or can only be solved with extremely high effort. With a system like the deep learning inference camera Vision Cam AI.go, which works with deep learning technologies and also provides an intuitive GUI, even users with little knowledge of machine vision can quickly implement reliable solutions.
Further sample applications

The AI smart camera Vision Cam AI.go addresses end users who do not necessarily need to have experience in the field of machine vision. Programmers and engineers who want to invent their own individual AI system also benefit from Vision Cam AI.go´s features. The ready-to-use system perfectly fits for small and medium-sized system houses and integrators as well as for machine builders who want to implement systems for inspection and production, for example in the printing, electronics, pharmaceutical or packaging industries, and who need economical machine vision solutions for these tasks.

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