HALCON a product of MVTec

MVTec HALCON is the comprehensive standard software for industrial image processing with integrated development environment (HDevelop), which is used worldwide. MVTEC HALCON has ported its image processing software to the box IPCs Vision Box AGE-X, VisionBox DAYTONA and VisionBox LE MANS as well as to the smart camera series VisionCam / VisionSensor from IMAGO Technologies.

This combination of hardware and software forms the ideal basis for the development of powerful embedded vision applications, e.g., for factory automation, inspection or traffic control systems.

HALCON helps to reduce costs and ensures faster market availability: the flexible software architecture enables rapid development for all machine vision applications.

The software offers exceptional performance and optional GPU acceleration, as well as extensive support for multicore platforms and instruction set extensions such as AVX2 or NEON. HALCON is used across all industries: This comprehensive library is proven hundreds of thousands of times in industrial use and offers e.g. blob analysis, morphology, matching, measurement and identification. The software incorporates state-of-the-art image processing technologies, such as extensive 3D vision and deep learning.

HALCON runs on IMAGO Hardware

Vision Box AGE-X5
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Vision Box AI
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Vision Box DAYTONA
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Vision Sensor PV3
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Vision Cam EB
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