Event based Camera

Vision Cam EB

  • Linux-based machine vision camera with event based sensor
  • The EB camera sensor reacts pixel-individually only to changes in motion, thus massively reducing redundant data
  • High-speed Camera: events at sub-millisecond time scale. 10 000 fps equivalent
  • 10 to 1 000 times less data processed in comparison to standard approaches
  • Operating in extreme lighting conditions > 120 dB wide dynamic range


Traffic Control with Event-based camera

Trajectory Control with Event-based camera

Kinematic Control with Event-based camera

Object Control with Event-based camera

The event based camera Vision Cam EB with neuromorphic sensor revolutionizes machine vision. Instead of processing images with a certain frame rate using high bandwidths and power-hungry processors with a huge amount of redundant data, event-based machine vision takes a completely new approach to image processing. Data is only recorded from the moment an event is generated. Events just occur from moving parts of a video scene.

High-speed applications
Each pixel decides for itself when it triggers an event and is evaluated directly on the sensor itself. This allows fastest motion analysis and classification. Motion information is also provided between otherwise common fixed frame rates of high-speed cameras. Previous high-speed applications can be replaced by only one smart camera!

Embedded Vision
Thanks to the high data reduction in the smart camera, sufficient computing power is present, in order to let an entire application run on the integrated Linux computer. The embedded vision system is equipped with Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU, Accelerator, Gbit/s Ethernet and digital IOs.

Simple configuration with ViewIT
Most industrial cameras and vision sensors already include user software that allows image display and camera configuration. The Vision Cam can be put into operation, but for special applications and image processing tasks, the software must first be developed. This takes a lot of time and development effort. ViewIT offers a faster solution.

ViewIT is a framework that allows image processing applications to be developed quickly and cost-effectively – without having to write a single line of code outside of image processing itself. A graphical user interface with intuitive functionality and easy-to-configure software modules allow any automation engineer to access machine vision.

Basic applications as counting, vibration control or kinematic monitoring will be an integral part of ViewIT. Regarding your individual application, IMAGO technologies can provide the algorithms used in the ViewIT environment.

Food & Beverage
For example, data acquisition for liquid dynamic analysis, motion analysis or condition monitoring. Fast process analysis like labeling or bottle closure systems.
Further sample applications

For example, ejection control, high-speed counting, trajectory analysis for fast moving objects.
Further sample applications

Packaging & Logistics
For example, high speed counting, code detection, real-time tracking and applications such as dimensional measurement are in focus.
Further sample applications

For example, kinematic monitoring. Any deviation in the production cycles of your machine can be monitored in real-time.
Further sample applications

Mechanical Engineering
For example, vibration movement, condition or kinematic monitoring.
Further sample applications

Engineers and Technicians in charge to develop vision system cameras for series machines and devices. They should be familiar with basic vision algorithms to use machine vision libraries in the best way.

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