Fast development of image processing applications


  • ViewIT is a Software tool for the development of customer-specific applications on programmable IMAGO hardware
  • Time and cost savings
  • No programming outside the scripts required
  • Industry 4.0 capable
  • You can put IMAGO hardware into operation in no time and implement your individual vision apps

Visual inspection, machine vision and automation are very dynamic and competitive markets. The development of visual inspection or automation often starts with a learning process. Software engineers must learn working libraries, SDKs and APIs provided by hardware manufacturers before work on the actual application begins. How much valuable time does a highly skilled engineer have to invest before he gets to the actual image processing application? Is it an efficient and competitive way of development? And is it a good investment?

IMAGO takes development efficiency to a new level with the Software Tool for vision applications – without having to write a single line of code outside of image processing. The use of ViewIT on IMAGO devices makes it possible to save up to 2 man-weeks in operational preparation time and up to 6 man-weeks1 in development time per vision app.

1estimated, based on the average developer performance

The image processing Framework is designed to make the development of industrial image processing applications efficient. The core idea behind it is that the software engineer can concentrate on the task of industrial image processing and the implementation of other tasks is controlled by ViewIT.

ViewIT takes over
1) Human-machine interaction (Web-GUI)
2) Machine-machine interaction
3) Image acquisition
4) Image processing
5) Debugging functionalities

1) Human-machine interaction (Web GUI). The HMI tool for machine vision consists of:
– Live View
– Administration of acquisition parameters
– Management of application profiles
– Administration of configuration profiles Device configuration
– Administration of image processing scripts

2) Machine-machine interaction:
– OPC UA Server
– OPC UA client
– RestAPI

3) Image acquisition and device-specific functions:
– Image Acquisition
– GPIOs Management
– Strobe control

4) Image processing:
– Halcon
– Python

5) Debugging functionalities:
One of the most important aspects of ViewIT that makes a software engineer’s work more efficient is its debugging capabilities. ViewIT has the following features that are useful for optimizing the finished system:
– Connection to the image processing script running on the IMAGO device
– Captured images are available via RestAPI
– Use of previously acquired images to test the system
– Ring buffer for IO/NIO images
– Sequence of images or video capture for debugging

ViewIT and Industry 4.0

  • OPC UA the de-facto Industry 4.0 protocol is supported by ViewIT.
  • ViewIT keeps statistics about the inspected objects. The statistics are provided via RestAPI (Http request -> JSON response), OPC UA and the GUI.
  • All images captured by the camera are available for any kind of analysis from a remote device, be it a smartphone, IPC or server!
  • ViewIT allows the reconfiguration of the system from one inspection task to a completely different one within one second! Remote! Keyword: universal/flexible production lines. This is only the selection of an image processing script from the technical side.

Programmable devices from IMAGO


IMAGO Vision Cam XM

IMAGO Vision Sensor PV3

IMAGO Vision Box AGE-X5


As much ViewIT as you need

ViewIT is available in several versions, depending on whether you want more degrees of freedom or more support:

ViewIT Light:
ViewIT Light is included in the scope of delivery of IMAGO devices and is free of charge.

ViewIT Halcon Basic:
Entry into Halcon-based scripts with the functional range foundation: – bar code reading – data code reading.

ViewIT Halcon:
ViewIT integrates Halcon-based image processing scripts, including a full Halcon license.

ViewIT Custom:
The framework will be adapted according to your requirements.

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