Vision Panel PC

Vision Box Touch

  • Vision Box Touch is a Real-Time industrial PC designed as a Touch Panel for solving machine vision applications that require an easy user interface close to the camera.
  • All-in-one Panel PC device 
  • Real-Time I/O, LED controller, rich interface choice and more integrated as standard features

Many automated applications require machine vision systems that allow an easy monitoring and – if needed – intervention possibilities for the operating personnel. The Vision Box Touch is a robust and reliable Panel PC that can be mounted close to the camera to provide a Touch-Panel based user interface for controlling the machine vision system and displaying important user information. This all-in-one touch computer is equipped with an i-Core CPU and a variety of interfaces such as Real-Time I/O, GigE Vision, Camera Link, 2.5 GigE Vision, 5GBase-T, serial interfaces or fieldbuses as a long-life series product. IMAGO’s unique Real-Time Communication Controller (RTCC) is an essential part of the Vision Box Touch. It enables Real-Time control of the external signals and operates independently from the operating system. For use case specific models, the Vision Box Touch Panel PC can be supplied with optional features like additional operating elements, such as additional buttons or emergency stop functionality, as well as other additional functions, e.g. rfid.

Ease of use close to the machine vision system
In many industrial use cases, machine vision systems that can deliver important information to the user directly at the point of inspection mean a big benefit. The Vision Box Touch supplies that feature as it combines easy access to the HMI and a capacitive 10 finger multi-touch screen functionality on a state-of-the-art 21,5“ display that can be mounted close to the camera or cameras installed within the machine vision system.

All-in-one Panel PC
The Touch Screen Panel PC for automated optical inspection includes all components required for the implementation of powerful image processing systems. The available Intel processors up to the i5 cover a wide range of possible applications and allow the design of application-specific systems of all levels. Users can select the perfect interface for their application from a variety of options. IMAGO´s integrated Real-Time Communication Controller guarantees precise control of all components, including the lighting, and thus forms the basis for reliable inspection results.

Embedded and fanless design
Due to its fanless design, the Vision Box Touch Panel PC is a robust and reliable embedded vision system that is suitable for use in a wide variety of application fields. The device can be mounted easily via VESA threads to a swing arm or alternatively integrated in the cabinet´s door.

Long-term availability
Users of industrial image processing systems depend on the components used being available over the long term. The inspection pc Vision Box Touch was developed with a focus on this long-term availability in order to protect investments and reduce re-design efforts.

This Touch Panel PC is designed to address machine vision applications that necessitate a user-friendly interface in close proximity to the camera. Its range of applications is not limited to specific industries. The following examples are provided only to illustrate a few of the typical applications for the Vision Box Touch.

Food & Beverage
Machine vision is utilized in various stages of food and beverage production to identify flaws in the merchandise or its packaging. One of the common applications in this industry involves recognizing and reading codes, such as those indicating the time and place of production or the expiration date. The Vision Box Touch is a dependable solution that can quickly and accurately tackle these tasks without the necessity of a big cabinet. Further sample applications

The pharmaceutical industry has strict safety requirements to ensure the production of error-free products and minimize risks for patients by guaranteeing their traceability. Machine vision is commonly used in this industrial sector for various applications, such as identifying foreign substances in tablet blisters or liquids, accurately counting objects during medication filling, or reading codes on medication packaging. When a number of machines need a vision system at a specific location – the Vision Box Touch provides the required interfaces for an easy integration.
Further sample applications

Automated quality control is now necessary for production machines of all types, due to the vast range of products and manufacturing processes. This results in a wide range of individual conditions that machine vision systems must meet in terms of accuracy, speed, and task. The Vision Box Touch’s flexibility, performance, compact size, and robust design enable efficient quality assurance solutions in many cases.
Further sample applications

The high precision and speed demands of electronic component manufacturing necessitate robust quality control measures. To ensure the reliable detection of even the smallest defects, powerful machine vision panel PCs like the Vision Box Touch are utilized. With its flexibility in camera interfaces, this industrial PC family is suitable for a wide range of applications within electronics production.
Further sample applications

Packaging & Logistics
The packaging and logistics industry presents unique challenges for machine vision systems because the size of the objects being inspected frequently changes. As a result, these systems require a high level of flexibility, such as the ability to recognize and read various codes in constantly changing positions. The Vision Box Touch is well-suited for this industry due to its versatility in supporting Camera Link, GigE Vision, and 5GBase-T cameras, providing a range of options to address these challenges.
Further sample applications

Print products can only be produced in the desired quality if this task can be solved reliably and at high speed. In flexographic printing and other areas of the industry, powerful machine vision PCs like the Vision Box Touch are essential to meet manufacturers’ demands.
Further sample applications

The Vision Box Touch is a durable and dependable panel PC that can be installed near the camera to offer a touch-panel user interface. This interface can be used to manage the machine vision system and present essential user information. The Vision Box Touch is intended for producer of series vision systems who are specialist in their application and who have interest in an all-in-one hardware solution.

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