2k Smart Line Scan Camera

Vision Sensor LM

  • VisionSensor LM is a complete embedded line scan vision system – the only system worldwide that combines line scan technology with a freely programmable mini smart camera.
  • Operating system Linux Debian 10
  • Great Quad-Core ARM computing power in a compact format
  • ViewIT software framework for effective program development

The Vision Sensor LM is a worldwide unique complete line scan vision system in a form factor of a matchbox! The mini smart camera combines line scan technology with intelligent image processing in one product. With its 2k line scan resolution the Vision Sensor LM fits perfectly for image processing tasks that are best solved by using entry level line scan camera systems.

With its free programmability and high performance based on ARM processors, the ultra compact industrial camera allows high flexibility in a wide range of applications: from production to pharma, packaging, food and printing.

By using IMAGO’s ViewIT software platform, development time can be drastically reduced, resulting in higher effectiveness.

Small size big performance 

Many machines offer little space for the integration of vision systems. With dimensions of only 45 mm x 25 mm and a depth of 54 mm (S-Mount lens), the smart IMAGO embedded line scan camera system Vision Sensor LM represents a solution in the tightest of spaces.

Besides the line scan illumination, all necessary components for the implementation of powerful image processing systems are integrated into this compact format.

High flexibility in tasks, line sensors, lenses

With the Vision Sensor LM, the user has great freedom of choice to adapt the system to his requirements by selecting monochrome or colored line sensors. As the application runs under Linux OS, the big brother of the Vision Sensor LM, the Vision Cam LM can be used once higher resolution and higher speeds are required.

The flexibility of the Vision Sensor LM is also evident in the choice of the Linux Debian 10 operating system. C-Mount or S-Mount lenses can be used for your application. Robust M12 industrial connectors are set off with a flexible cable for more mechanical freedom.

The Vision Sensor LM is intended for series production with a target minimum order quantity of around 50 systems per year and offers long-term availability of the configuration.

Easy program development with ViewIT

Regarding the programming, the mini smart camera offers two options for developing line applications: The classic variant runs under Linux, of course, third party libraries can be integrated (in-house, Halcon, OpenCV…). However, the development of line scan applications is not an easy task. The use of the IMAGO tool ViewIT helps to overcome this hurdle.

The software platform automatically handles all basic image processing functions such as image acquisition, I/O handling and many other tasks, allowing developers to fully concentrate on solving the actual image processing task.

Beginners in industrial image processing can use the functionalities included in ViewIT and adapt them to their individual tasks with little effort. The scope of delivery includes common subtasks such as pattern recognition, thresholding or edge detection, thus enabling rapid progress in development.
Experts of development environments and image processing libraries like Python, C ++ based tools or Halcon can easily integrate them as plugins into ViewIT.

The compact size, options in sensor selection, lenses and flexible operating system make the Vision Sensor LM machine vision camera suitable for use in almost any application that can be solved based on a single line scan camera. The possible use cases and industries for this smart embedded vision system are extremely diverse, so the following examples show only a small selection of the real possibilities.


In order to minimize risks for patients, the secure traceability of medications is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Reliable track & trace processes, reading codes on drug packaging and counting objects when filling drugs are therefore typical image processing tasks in this industry and can be implemented economically with the Vision Sensor LM.

Further sample applications

Food & Beverage

Food and beverages have to be constantly checked for various characteristics during their production. Is the food free from foreign objects? Does the packaging meet all of the specified criteria? Does the appearance of the products correspond to the specifications? The smart camera Vision Sensor LM provides clear answers to such questions and thus helps food and beverage manufacturers guarantee that their products will be delivered without any defects.

Further sample applications


Line scan vision systems are perfectly suited to check continuous materials for errors. These “endless” materials can for example be found as metal sheets in rolling mills, as wallpapers, as interior upholstery for motor vehicles made from leather and in many other forms of appearance. The variety of materials, shapes, sizes, colors, and features in production is extremely diverse. For that reason, machine vision systems are increasingly used to make sure each product meets all defined requirements. The Vision Sensor LM offers an excellent and flexible basis for implementing machine vision systems that are predestined for the use of line scan technology.

Further sample applications

Packaging & Logistics

Line scan based code readers are a common technology in the packaging and logistics industry. As the size of the objects to be inspected can differ significantly from one object to the other, line scan systems often deliver the perfect solution for that industry. The smart camera Vision Sensor LM enables reliable code reading on containers, boxes or cardboards and enables proper counting of products on conveyor belts. Whenever line scan technology offers an effective solution in the packaging & logistics industry, the Vision Sensor LM should be considered.

Further sample applications


In the printing industry, the basic, unprinted paper is often supplied on rolls with very long strips of paper that are printed first and only cut to the desired length at the end of the process. In addition, many printing machines run at extremely high speeds. Powerful line scan camera systems as the Vision Sensor LM help producing the required print quality by reliably checking corner marks, colors, and other features of the print products.

Further sample applications

The Vision Sensor LM was developed as a smart embedded vision system primarily for mechanical engineering companies as well as for manufacturers of inspection or production machines of all kinds who require flexible and powerful machine vision systems based on line scan cameras. The range of available sensors, the free programmability, the simple program development via the ViewIT software framework and the attractive price-performance ratio make the Vision Sensor LM the perfect choice in numerous applications and industries.

The smart camera Vision Sensor LM is foreseen for product developers who want to sell a series product over many years without changing the configuration. Experience with machine vision systems is a pre-condition for your success.


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