Our products: the intelligent eyes, heart and soul of your vision system

IMAGO offers intelligent cameras, embedded box pcs and deep learning hardware for machine vision in industrial inspection, logistics, traffic control and many other applications. With Imago, you benefit not only from world-class products, but also from the company’s nearly 30 years of experience and industry expertise.

Smart Cameras

They are the right choice for manufacturing and process automation tasks where PC systems are too large.


IMAGO’s Image Processing Computers (IPCs) already have the functionality of the frame grabber integrated into the embedded PCs.

Deep Learning

Powerful inference computers and cameras. Neural networks are executed directly on the devices in a hardware-accelerated manner.

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring systems help to keep machines and plants running smoothly and efficiently.


With the in-house framework ViewIT, you can intuitively create and configure inspection programs on the IMAGO hardware.