In contrast to classic PC-based systems, IMAGO’s IPCs already have the functionality of the frame grabber integrated into the embedded PCs. IMAGO’s box PCs, VisionBoxes for short, are characterized by robustness, reliability and long-term availability. The real-time communication controller generates in µs accuracy from input signals camera triggers, reject- and further output signals. E.g., we support Trigger over Ethernet – a GigE-Vision command for image resolution. Mostly without fan there are further options like RS232, RS485 or fieldbus. By default, we offer freely programmable Linux or Windows based systems.

Vision Box AI

Embedded GPGPU Platform

Vision Box AGE-X5

Real-Time Vision Box-PC

Vision Box Touch

Vision Panel PC

Vision Box DAYTONA

Box-PC Nvidia Jetson

Vision Box AGE-X4

Compact Vision Box-PC with flexible interfaces