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Anomaly Detection and Pre-Processing with the Vision Cam AI.go

Friedberg, 19th June 2024

anomaly detection

Combined Power of AI-Based and Rule-Based Image Processing. 


Imagine a significant improvement in your manufacturing quality control process, achieved with cost savings and increased reliability. This becomes a reality by leveraging the combined power of AI-based anomaly detection and intelligent rule-based image preprocessing. This use case, featuring the Vision Cam AI.go from IMAGO Technologies, demonstrates how this innovative technology enables fully automated and highly accurate coffee mug cleanliness inspection combined with a circumference measurement.


A production line for coffee mugs requires a reliable method to detect the mugs and ensure that each mug is clean inside before further processing. If so, the circumference of the mug needs to be accurately measured to ensure it meets specifications.


The solution combines AI-based anomaly detection with rule-based vision technology. The IMAGO software ViewIT is used for image and data management, interfaces, and the user interface. The AI.go software module, integrated into ViewIT, handles anomaly detection, while operators from the Halcon library are used for precise measurements.


1. Detection of the Coffee Mug:
The Vision Cam AI.go identifies a coffee mug on the production line. This detection is based on a Halcon script to discover the mug shape in the image.

2. Anomaly Detection (Internal Cleanliness):
After detection, the interior surface of the mug is analyzed using AI.go-Software. The AI checks if the mug is clean inside, identifying various anomalies such as dirt, residues, or stains. The AI has been trained with some examples to reliably recognize these anomalies.

3. Measurement:
If the mug is clean inside, the circumference is measured. Operators from the Halcon library are used for this task, enabling highly precise measurements. These operators analyze the image data and calculate the exact circumference of the mug.


  • Enhanced Product Quality: AI-based anomaly detection ensures that only clean and defect-free mugs are released into production, reducing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and product recalls.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automatic detection and measurement reduce the need for manual inspections, thereby increasing the efficiency of the production line.
  • Integration and Usability: The ViewIT software offers a user-friendly interface and straightforward interfaces that allow seamless integration into existing production systems.


To experience the effectiveness and precision of this solution live, interested parties can schedule a 20-minute appointment with our sales team. This demonstration will show how the task was implemented and the benefits this technology can bring to your production.

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