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30 Years of IMAGO Technologies

A Pioneer of Embedded Machine Vision Celebrates Anniversary 

Friedberg, 03rd April 2024

30th anniversary IMAGO Technologies

A Journey of Innovation: IMAGO Technologies’ Enduring Commitment to Advancing Embedded Vision.  

IMAGO Technologies, a globally leading provider of Embedded Machine Vision solutions, celebrates its 30th anniversary. Since its founding in 1994, the company has continuously established itself as a pioneer in the field of image processing technologies, tirelessly driving innovation forward.


For three decades, IMAGO Technologies has been pioneering the development of cutting-edge Embedded Vision solutions. What began in 1994 with the realization of robot vision systems led to the introduction of the first Vision Box in 1998: a real-time capable industrial computer with vision interfaces for use outside of the control cabinet. By 2024, the form factor of real-time computing power had continuously decreased, from the smart camera to the matchbox-sized freely programmable vision sensor. In the anniversary year, AI co-processors have become standard. New software tools like ViewIT significantly facilitate application development.

With the Industrial DashCam and the smart Vision Cam AI.go, IMAGO aims to offer solutions for users in mechanical engineering without expertise in image processing. This is achieved by providing end-user products for observing industrial processes in machines as well as for beginners in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Founder and CEO Carsten Strampe: “For 30 years, we have been committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Embedded Vision technology. Our team of engineers and professionals is constantly exploring new ways to improve the performance of our solutions, enabling machine builders to improve their product quality, streamline processes, avoid production errors, reduce manufacturing costs, and make systems more efficient.”


Customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships are central values for IMAGO Technologies. The company maintains close dialogue with its customers to precisely understand their needs and requirements. CEO Strampe explains: “Our success is not only based on our technological expertise but also on our ability to anticipate and respond to the constantly changing requirements of our customers.”


As the company celebrates its anniversary, the focus is primarily on the future. IMAGO seamlessly integrates advanced AI algorithms into Embedded Vision solutions to provide its customers with even higher precision, efficiency, and flexibility. Already today, every new development considers the ability to implement AI applications. Carsten Strampe: “Similar developments are underway for compact computer boxes. Simply increasing CPU cores is no longer sufficient. There will be an increased focus on integrating application-specific co-processors to realize powerful and space- and power-efficient applications. At the same time, tools and software will be more user-friendly, ultimately leading to increasing self-intelligence, whether with or without AI support. IMAGO Technologies is an architect of change, ready to significantly shape the future of Embedded Vision technology.”

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