Vision Box LE MANS

  • Vision Box LE MANS is a passively cooled ARM-based industrial PC for machine vision, factory automation and other applications.
  • ARM-based 8 kernel 64 bit industrial PC with NEON accelerator
  • Long-term availability
  • Compact design
  • Passively cooled

IMAGO Technologies´ Vision Box LE MANS is a powerful industrial PC with multi-core ARM processors for Linux that is specially designed to meet the requirements of high-end machine vision applications. Thanks to ARM-based architecture and its Linux operating system, it is the perfect solution for manufacturers of inspection or production machines who have to rely on components with a long-term availability. An energy-efficient ARM Cortex-A72 with 8 cores provides powerful image processing. Latest interfaces to cameras and machine like 1 GigE and 10 GigE enable flexible high-performance systems. This Vision Box series also features the integrated real-time controller.

8 kernel ARM-based industrial PC

Equipped with an 8 kernel ARM Cortex-A72 processor, a 64-bit architecture and a NEON accelerator unit, the ARM-based industrial PC Vision Box LE MANS provides extremely high computing power. The 8 kernels of the ARM processors support hyper threading, which allows parallel data processing on each individual core and thus also contributes to the acceleration of image processing processes.

Long-term availability

In order for machine builders to be able to produce their systems without changes and supply them with spare parts over many years, the long-term availability of components is a decisive criterion. In this point, ARM-based systems are clearly superior to comparable Intel systems, since the availability of ARM processors of certain generations is guaranteed for many years.

Compact design

Due to its compact design, the embedded industrial PC Vision Box LE MANS can even be used in tight installation spaces. Since ARM processors produce significantly less heat than comparable Intel processors, the life span of the Vision Box LE MANS is designed for long periods of use despite its compact size. The design with passive cooling also has a positive influence on the long service life of this industrial PC.

Real-Time Communication Controller

For the perfect control of all components, the Vision Box LE MANS uses an integrated Real-Time Communication Controller (RTCC). The RTCC enables exact synchronization of conveyor belt speeds with the image processing system´s acquisition speed, the lighting control, and other components of the vision system. The RTCC is an integral part of the Real-Time operation system Vision Box LE MANS and enables simple, reliable communication between the camera and the higher-level system.

Interfaces and special models

With its high computing power, the integrated Real Time Communication Controller (RTCC) and the variety of camera interfaces and real-time I/Os, the immediately available LE MANS Compact already offers users an effective solution for a large number of applications. 2x 10 Gbit/s, 4x 1 Gbit/s Ethernet interfaces and a variety of Digital I/Os, USB 3.0 and RS-232 interfaces provide a multitude of options for users. For requirements that go beyond this, IMAGO also offers additional models, which include PCIe expansions cards.

Vision Box LE MANS is a powerful Linux industrial PC that can solve a lot of applications in many industrial areas. Here are some examples of typical applications where the Vision Box LE MANS provides adequate performance.

Food & Beverage

During the production of food and beverages, the products and their packaging often have to be checked from several sides to ensure that they are free from defects and thus guarantee high quality. In beverage filling plants, for example, a 360 ° inspection of the bottles is usually carried out, which can only be achieved by using several cameras. The inspection computer Vision Box LE MANS offers enough interfaces and computing power to guarantee reliable image acquisition and processing for such tasks.

Further sample applications


The pharmaceutical industry includes many sensitive areas in which critical data must be securely protected. The track & trace computer Vision Box LE MANS provides a special feature for that purpose as it allows encryption of image data and programs. Reliable track & trace processes such as reading codes or Braille on drug packaging and counting objects when filling drugs are also important processes often used in the pharmaceutical industry. Machine vision systems equipped with the Vision Box LE MANS enable the implementation of effective processes in this industrial segment.

Further sample applications


Machine Vision is an indispensable pillar for reliable and economical quality control in almost all areas of industrial production. The performance of the machine vision computer Vision Box LE MANS, as well as its compact and robust design, allows effective solutions to inspect goods of all kinds during their manufacturing processes and to detect errors, identify and count objects, or make sure all product features meet the defined requirements. This covers the production of basic materials such as steel, wood or plastics, but also higher-level goods like electronics, automotive parts or components for medical devices.

Further sample applications

Packaging & Logistics

Reading codes of various kinds is one of the main tasks in the packaging and logistics industry. The image processing computer Vision Box LE MANS creates the conditions for the reliable and fast reading of any type of code on different surfaces. The achievable speeds of LE MANS can cope with the speed of conventional transport systems in this industry. Other tasks like identifying or counting objects can also effectively be solved by using IMAGO´s Vision Box LE MANS.

Further sample applications

Print inspection

High-performance machine vision systems are required to ensure reliable quality testing of print products, even at the sometimes very high production speeds in the printing industry. With its processing power and the high flexibility, the compact industrial PC Vision Box LE MANS is a reliable basis for economical machine vision solutions in the printing industry.

Further sample applications

IMAGO´s Vision Box LE MANS is the perfect solution for mechanical engineering companies as well as for manufacturers of inspection or production machines who have chosen to use machine vision systems in their solutions. Long-term availability of all integrated components is an important factor for these users when replicating machines over years and in high numbers. This is guaranteed by the LE MANS´ ARM-based architecture and Linux operating system. For the use of the Linux industrial computer Vision Box LE MANS in systems that are implemented over a long period of time in the same configuration over and over again, detailed tests run by IMAGO Technologies ensure that all specifications are reliably met.

The experts from IMAGO Technologies will be happy to answer your questions regarding all aspects of the Vision Box LE MANS to implement the optimal solution for your individual task!

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