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Imago Technologies wins inspect award 2020 with Linux-based smart camera using an event-based sensor

Friedberg, 12th November 2019

IMAGO Vision Cam XMEvent-Based Vision: data is only recorded when an event occurs.

Imago Technologies, one of the leading manufacturers for embedded vision components wins the inspect award and was awarded the silver prize in the category Vision. The award is presented annually by the publisher Wiley-VCH and recognizes the most forward-looking products in the field of machine vision. This year, Imago convinced the jury with its event-based technology. Therefore, the provider of hardware for machine vision prevailed against 9 other products selected by the readers.

Conventional sensors capture visual information as a series of “snapshots” taken at specific points in time, at a predetermined frame rate. The new camera sensor, however, responds pixel-by-pixel only to changes in motion, massively reducing redundant data. This allows the fastest possible motion analysis and classification. Due to the high data reduction, even high-speed applications can run on the Linux computer integrated into the camera.

Managing Director Carsten Strampe comments: “With the Vision Cam EB, Imago is strongly focusing on the trends of the future. Indeed, frame rates in industrial image processing are already very high. But the need is high also to know what happens between the frame rates. The Smart Camera provides the solution and offers completely new possibilities for industrial applications such as Traffic Control, Trajectory or Kinematic Control.”

The first production use of the product is planned for late 2021.

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