Process monitoring in industrial manufacturing with the Industrial DashCam

Thursday, March 18th – 11:00 AM CET • approx. 60 minutes • Register now 

What you can expect

A DashCam in the traffic environment continuously and in loop records the traffic events, stops in case of an accident and shows a video sequence of the processes from a few seconds before to after the incident. With the Industrial DashCam, Imago Technologies has brought this technology into the industrial environment. It enables the observation of industrial processes and thus the effective elimination of error sources in a wide range of industrial applications.

Whether during start-up processes or speed transitions in production, before or after the inspection of fast-moving parts – the DashCam captures the origin of critical spots in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the offline analysis of high-resolution video recordings in slow motion, the origin of unforeseen malfunctions can be traced quickly and doubtlessly. Thanks to its small size the Industrial DashCam can also be used in places that are inaccessible to humans.

If you want to know how the Industrial DashCam works or want to learn more about its potential in industrial use, you have come to the right place. Take the opportunity to accelerate your productivity in industrial manufacturing.

What you’ll learn

• How the Industrial DashCam works
• Possible applications for industrial use
• See a Live demo of the Industrial DashCam

IMAGO webinar Conditional Monitoring with the Industrial DashCam

Hosted by

Oliver Barz


Alkhazur Manakov


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