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IMAGO framework drastically shortens development times for your own vision apps

IMAGO framework drastically shortens development times for your own vision apps

Friedberg, 14th September 2020


The ViewIT framework provides a GUI, image acquisition functions, interfaces for machine-to-machine interaction, image processing and debugging functionalities. 

At the exhibition all about automation in Essen, IMAGO has presented the ViewIT framework, which makes it particularly easy for users to get started or change over to image processing. The industrial camera manufacturer complements its hardware portfolio with a tool that offers GUI, image acquisition functions, communication interfaces including OPC/UA and image processing from a single source. Users no longer need any programming knowledge outside of image processing itself to develop their own apps.  

Visual inspection, industrial image processing and automation are very dynamic and competitive markets. The development of an application in the field of visual inspection often starts with a learning process. Users have to learn working libraries, SDKs and APIs of the hardware manufacturers before the work on the actual app starts. This takes a lot of time, requires expert knowledge and therefore discourages many potential newcomers to machine vision.


Pack it in: IMAGO’s software ViewIT generates the GUI, provides communication interfaces including OPC/UA and integrates image processing algorithms. Using the Halcon library, the engineer focuses on the solution of the task with HDevelop software, the final script is simply integrated into ViewIT, the app can be operated via browser GUI. Done! This saves a lot of time and users can spend valuable time on the actual application. Also, quick adjustments (e.g. when changing the type) and own image processing algorithms are no problem.


The ViewIT software runs on Linux ARM-based products from the simple vision sensor to the smart industrial cameras equipped with line, area or event-based sensors, the OCR/OCV reader “FastCodeReader” and soon also on the popular Linux-based IPCs “VisionBoxes”.

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