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IMAGO Introduces Vision System with 5GBase-T Connection

Interface for fastest camera generation

Friedberg, 25th May 2020

IMAGO Vision Box AGE-X5Equipped with 2 5GBase-T interfaces, the VisionBox AGE-X5 offers the appropriate hardware for the latest camera generation.

5GBase-T is the keyword for increasing the speed of GigE cameras. With 2 5GBase-T connections, the VisionBox AGE-X5 image processing computer from IMAGO Technologies GmbH offers the freedom to use higher resolution or faster cameras.

When changing to the latest generation of cameras with higher resolution images and faster machine cycles, you need the right hardware. The VisionBox AGE-X5 is specialised for the increased data rates of up to > 100 Mbyte / s. Furthermore, no change in the cabling infrastructure is necessary. VisionBox and cameras are available as series products.


The VisionBox AGE-X5 is a powerful, compact image processing system designed for demanding industrial image processing applications such as end-of-line inspection. The Intel i7 processor ensures maximum computing power, allows the use of several cameras, and is predestined for high-speed processes. The fanless design reduces downtime and maintenance costs that occur when using standard PC solutions in harsh industrial environments. 

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